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Learn the Basics

Although users often make mistakes with an image when they first start using Photoshop, it is still important to have a basic working knowledge of the software and how it works. If you are new to Photoshop and don’t know the difference between a layer and a group or how to merge two images, the following short course will ensure that you have a good grasp of both the tool as well as its uses.

It’s important to understand the basics of how Photoshop works.

Photoshop is a raster program, which means that it works with pixels. This also means that it does not require you to save files in a different format or use a different type of program. Photoshop does support vector-based graphics programs, such as Illustrator. But the most common graphics files it works with are the native raster or pixel-based format, usually RGB.

Photoshop uses groups, layers, and the features available in each to create images. Photoshop and other similar programs use a layer-based editing system that enables raster image creation and altering with multiple overlays that support transparency. You can create an image or a series of images in Photoshop by adding or removing layers, which are the building blocks of a file in Photoshop.

The program has many tools to work with. However, the most commonly used tools are the Brush tool, the Eraser tool, the Paint Bucket tool, and the Selection tools.

It is possible to turn your images into a final output with the Adjustment Panel. The Adjustment Panel works with the Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation, and Vibrance options.

Steps to Using Photoshop:

Accessing the File, Edit, and Open Dialog

The Photoshop interface consists of the following five areas:

The Layers Panel: This is where all the image’s layers are stored. The Layers Panel also shows, when active, the Levels and Curves panels and you can double click to edit those panels. When inactive, it simply shows your image’s layers, which may or may not be visible.

These are the tools to use in editing your images: the Pencil tool, the Brush tool, the Paint Bucket tool, and the Eraser tool.

The Layers Panel can be hidden or shown. The Layers Panel shows you all the layers of the image. The Layers Panel also shows, when active, the Levels and Curves panels and you can double click

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File Conversion

While Adobe Photoshop is powerful and versatile, it comes at a price. Photoshop is a powerful program, but on the other hand the application is very complex and requires a lot of learning time to get maximum performance out of it.

Easiest to understand is the fact that Photoshop has two applications. There is the Photoshop icon seen in nearly every computer tray and the Photoshop application. The Photoshop icon is effectively a temporary application of Photoshop which allows you to edit images online.

Not all images need to be opened in Photoshop. Some images can be successfully opened, edited and saved in almost any graphic software application. In order for you to do this properly it is important to know the features of the image editing software application you are using and the key terms like frame, resolution, pixels and bit depth.

If you are not 100% sure which application to use, you are better off using the Photoshop icon to upload images to the internet for people to see. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money on Photoshop to do this.

How to Convert PDF to Photoshop

Software Downloads

1. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is an image viewer, and graphic editor, but it is available to all. It is free of cost, and can be downloaded from the Adobe website. It is an all-in-one program.

Adobe Reader has a similar user interface to the Photoshop icon. To load PDF files you have to double-click on the file. To open an image file you have to click on the image.

To open a new image file, you have to click on the “Open” option. The image can be cropped, resized, rotated and saved to a new file.

And yes, you can convert a PDF file to a new image file. This is pretty easy. Simply click on the image. In the selection box, you can either select everything in the PDF, or just the images.

More importantly, you can select an area of a PDF to convert to an image file with a click.

To save your conversion, all you have to do is click the “Save” option in the Adobe Reader.


Adobe Reader is an excellent graphic software for a variety of uses. You can convert PDF files into images, resize and crop images, edit PDFs, and do a lot more.

2. PDF Magic

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Friday, January 1, 2011

I was reading about historic health care reform and looked around on-line at the latest press releases. I wondered how any aspect of the news could be ignored. In my opinion, these releases were among the most noteworthy:

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The President today released the details of his plan to take on the job of putting people back to work. The President’s plan will move us toward a future that is built on the pillars of shared responsibility, making good decisions, and tackling the issues of our time.

In today’s America, there are too many people who are out of work or who have stopped looking for work because they have no chance of finding a job. Too many families are working hard, but struggling to make ends meet because they live in an economy where hard work gets you further into debt. And many of America’s families continue to struggle to pay their mortgages as a result of the housing crisis. The President’s plan will ensure that families, not just corporations, are required to pay their fair share of taxes, and to do what they can to tackle the challenges that face our economy. These are the pillars of our plan to get people back to work.


I spent the previous day picking up my kids from school and dropping them off, then spending the next few days watching the game (there are not many nights of prime television programming to watch this week), tending to chores, and still trying to get ready for work on Monday. The latest news was not helpful to my schedule.


We are preparing ourselves for the official launch of our social media campaign against the Republican Party and its use of social media to spread misinformation and smear our President and his administration. We’re scheduling the updates and we are preparing to counterbalance the GOP effort in the same way we can do with this latest fake story.Algebraic approaches to cell-cycle progression.
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What’s New In?

For the past 12 months, the environmental activist organization, Greenpeace, has been launching a series of large-scale campaigns for whales. It started out in Ireland in the summer with a campaign against the hunt for whales in the Northern Sea. It continued into the fall with protests against the plan to build a nuclear power plant in the Arctic. Then, the organization turned its attention to the seafood industry. Today, Greenpeace launched its “Future of the Sea” campaign with a plan to eradicate the current fishing practices around the world by using GPS technology and satellite mapping to track the spots where whales and other large marine animals are being caught.

“We’ve recognized that whales are in trouble,” said Greenpeace International oceans campaigner, Jason Morton, in an interview with The Dodo. Morton went on to say that they are “hugely threatened by the current practice of industrial fishing, including the use of a huge range of devices that we now know are injuring whales.”

The large protests in support of the large marine mammal is a direct response to a video released in March by the advocacy group called ICRW. In it, ICRW quoted the statement made by Dr. Peter Tyack and other prominent scientists and scientists, saying that they were aware of 31 separate incidents between 2002 and 2011 in which the use of longlines or other gear was alleged to have resulted in the death of endangered fin whale, humpback whale, minke whale, pilot whales, and blue whales. In all cases, the exact cause of the death of the marine mammals was a mystery.

The scientists said that the deaths had occurred in a wide range of waters and that they were not related to shipping or other boats. Also, the scientists did not say that the whales died of natural causes. They said that there was no evidence that the use of deep-set gillnets or drift nets injured whales. The scientists said that they were concerned about the potential genetic health problems that may arise when animals are repeatedly injured.

The information released by ICRW has been used by Morton in the launch of the “Future of the Sea” campaign. By showing that these animals are dying at an alarming rate, Morton hopes that the world will start paying attention to the issue of industrial fisheries.

Morton is not the only one involved. Over 80 whale expert groups from around the world have signed on to the campaign. Last month, over 150 prominent environmentalists also signed on to the campaign.

System Requirements:

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