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The AutoCAD Free Download user interface is used to prepare drawings and create technical information. The design process consists of a series of steps and commands that guide users in creating projects, including making a selection, drawing objects, organizing the drawing objects, moving objects, and modifying objects. This page provides information on how to perform certain AutoCAD Crack For Windows commands.

Keyboard Shortcuts

AutoCAD Crack Mac shortcuts are defined by the AutoCAD program, and cannot be modified. The most commonly used shortcut keys are


to exchange objects


to view the drawing display area


to save the drawing


to create a text


to create a new drawing


to open a drawing


to zoom in or out


to focus on a specified object or edit a specified object


to redraw a selected object


to select multiple objects


to insert objects


In AutoCAD, the keyboard shortcuts are tied to the AutoCAD application, and cannot be modified. Shortcuts are available only within the application. Shortcuts may vary depending on the options that are enabled.

Notes on keyboard shortcuts:

The keyboard shortcuts are not modified by the operating system. Some shortcut combinations may be replaced by another command. However, shortcuts are defined by the AutoCAD application.

When the program is launched, the Autocad.exe program automatically reads shortcuts. The shortcut will be used if the command is available, or the default command if the command is not available.

The AutoCAD application does not store any shortcut settings. The computer’s default shortcuts are only used if you do not have the AutoCAD application open.

The shortcuts below were obtained from the AutoCAD program, and cannot be changed.

Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut

What It Does

Notes on using keyboard shortcuts



Create a New, Update or Delete




Zoom to View


Clear the current selection


Zoom to the Specified Viewport


Focus the selected object or the cursor or cell to select it


Create Text


Create a new drawing

AutoCAD 24.2 Crack +

Programming languages
AutoCAD can be programmed in a variety of languages including: Visual Basic, C++, AutoLISP, Visual LISP, Auto Pascal, Auto Pascal, VBA for Microsoft Office, Visual C#, Python, Fortran, and Java.

AutoCAD also supports the development of a set of APIs (application programming interface) known as ObjectARX, which allow custom software to be created that interact with AutoCAD’s object model. ObjectARX is written in C++, the C++ class library is called ObjectARX, which is distributed as a dll file.


Since the introduction of AutoCAD 2007, the architecture has been based around four basic types of classes:
Model objects, which represent the geometric entities (points, lines, faces, text) in a drawing.
Feature objects, which represent the geometric entities in a feature class.
View objects, which represent the viewports (workspaces), views and page layouts that are visible on the canvas.
Tool objects, which represent the drawing tools available to a user.

Common operations such as creating new geometry, creating a new view, saving and opening a drawing, are performed using methods on these classes. In some cases, the method calls are hidden in the application programming interface (API). This allows the AutoCAD applications (AutoCAD Add-Ons) to be created that customize the user interface and functionality.

Notable methods on each class include:

AddFace, AddVertex, DeleteFace, DeleteVertex, DrawFace, DrawVertex
CreateLine, CreateLines, CreatePolyline, CreatePolyline, CreateSpline, CreateSpline
DeleteLine, DeleteLines, DeletePolyline, DeletePolyline, DeleteSpline, DeleteSpline
Copy, CreateCopy, DeleteCopy, Rotate, Select

Since the 2.5 release of AutoCAD 2010, the Architecture includes a newer class hierarchy based on the Entity Framework. The Entity Framework allows developers to separate the UI from the basic data types of entities. For example, it allows UI to be created for a command line, a mobile phone, and any other device that has access to the same Entity Framework data.

There are no abstract base classes in this architecture. This was based on the needs of the development team at Autodesk, but the architecture allowed for great flexibility.


In addition to the drawing tools

AutoCAD 24.2 Crack With License Code

Click on the File menu and select Options, then select the Units and Dimensions tab.
Set the X and Y offset values to 0.

Click on the File menu, select File, then select Options, then select the Units and Dimensions tab.
Set the X and Y offset values to 0.

Use the X and Y offset values in the components you wish to make larger or smaller.


My question was asked and answered on Autodesk’s forums. The answer is:

The offset tool is set to the global coordinates of the world model. It
can be changed with the “Relative Offset” option in the Units and
Dimensions tab of the Options dialog.
Setting this option to “Local” instead of “Global” will create a new
unit that is relative to the current view.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Create one or more custom workspaces with workspaces added or removed based on your use and workflow. Create and edit workspaces, assign folders, and rename objects.

Share your settings with colleagues with easy-to-read and even easier-to-use settings dialogs. Create new or edit existing categories, assign or change the default folder, create custom folders, and assign icons to objects.

Save your settings as presets to reuse them later. Save selected workspace settings and export them to the current template.

A revision history, timeline, comment history, and versioning system, along with powerful per-object commenting tools, help you find, track, and make changes in your drawings.

Go from drawing to view in seconds with new Navigation features, including the ability to instantly switch to a specific view or zoom to a specific percentage of a drawing.

Bring all of the tools you need to create a successful drawing in one place, including AutoCAD’s industry-leading toolkit of 50+ drawing commands, more than 1,000 drawing commands available in the New Drawing Commands dialog box, and more than 20 other tools, including the ability to save your commands and the drawing.

Exam simulation that gives you instant grading and scoring, and more than 100 exam formats and the ability to take your exams on any PC.

In addition to the hundreds of new features, this release also comes with hundreds of improvements and refinements that make AutoCAD more powerful, easier to use, and faster.

New templates and templates for legacy layouts

New 2023 templates:

LP-AUTO.RTF — Layout panel AutoCAD users can now use the layout panel with AutoCAD.

— Layout panel AutoCAD users can now use the layout panel with AutoCAD. LP-FX-TOOLBOX.RTF — Layout panel FX users can use the layout panel with AutoCAD.

— Layout panel FX users can use the layout panel with AutoCAD. ADAS-AUTO.RTF — AutoCAD Add-in users can use the AutoCAD Add-in with AutoCAD.

— AutoCAD Add-in users can use the AutoCAD Add-in with AutoCAD. DWG-HV-GLAZING-MATERIALS.RTF — DWG-HV-GLAZING-MATER

System Requirements:

This map requires 1GB of RAM or more.
The map will crash if you run it on a Windows 7 system with less than 3GB RAM. This has been fixed for Windows 8.
However, if you are on Windows 8 but don’t have the Windows 8 build tool, you can download the map and edit it to run. You will need to have a.bat file on your system to launch the program. Look for

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