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By clicking “Subscribe Now”, I agree to receive recurring automated SMS text messages to the mobile phone number provided above at the time of registration, which may be cancelled at any time.Shenandoah River

The Shenandoah River is the fourth largest river in the U.S. state of Virginia.

The river rises in Shenandoah National Park, flowing south into the Potomac River. The river has a drainage area of about. The drainage basin area is 2,635 square miles. The chief tributary is Rockfish Run.

The river was named in 1659 by Captain John Smith as Sihandana and Sihandoane. The name “Shenandoah” did not come into common use until the 18th century. However, it is known to Native Americans as “The River That Runs in Sight of Mountains”.

See also
List of Virginia rivers


USGS Hydrologic Unit Map – State of Virginia (1974)

Category:Rivers of Virginia
Category:Rivers of Washington County, Virginia
Category:Rivers of Shenandoah County, Virginia
Category:Tributaries of the Potomac River*y – 3*y + 4. Determine n(y).
Suppose d + 2*v = -0*v – 4, 0 = -4*d + 4*v + 8. Let a(p) = -p**3 + p**2 – p + 15. Determine a(d).
Let y(a) = 4*a + 1. Suppose 11*f = -43 + 29. Determine y(f).
Let k(b) = b**3 – 2*b**2 – 4*b. Let h(s) = -s**2 – 2. Let q be h(2). Let t be q/(-30) – (-8)/(-10). Let o be 3*(-2)/(-4)*t. Calculate k(o).
Let b(d) = -d**3 + d**2 – d + 4. Let n = 69 – 69. What is b(n)?
Let z(m) = -m – 1. Let h be z(1). Let o = h + 1

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Lt. Chris Orrock, a spokesman for the CHP in Fresno, said Melvin Banks and Derrick Wilson were arrested Friday after a four-hour manhunt following the shooting early Thursday on Fresno’s west side.

Investigators say the killing took place about 12:45 a.m. Thursday in the 400 block of West Milward Avenue.

Emergency workers arrived to find 21-year-old Desiree Fletcher dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

Investigators identified Banks as a suspect after a witness reported seeing two men run from the scene.

When police attempted to stop Banks and Wilson on a freeway onramp, Wilson got out of the car and opened fire.

The shooting occurred shortly after Banks, a 20-year-old Fresno man, sold Fletcher a counterfeit $5 bill and drove her to the Milward Avenue scene, said Officer Chris Bejar, a CHP spokesman.

Wilson was arrested after allegedly trying to pawn a handgun at a pawn shop, Bejar said. Banks was in custody after he told police that he had thrown the gun into a nearby river.

Banks’ grandmother, who lives in the area, said she heard the story of the day’s events from her grandson.

“I feel bad for Desiree because I think everybody would have helped her if they knew,” said the woman, who asked to remain unidentified. “She just didn’t make any bad decisions. Somebody’s going to have to pay for it.”

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These include:
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The abbreviation for the “zipper security object” which is an RFID technology used to identify the owner of a portable device in case of lost or stolen.
The abbreviation for the separation of the first and second staves of a guitar string by the nut. In a similar context this can also refer to the “z” in the zig-zag-placement of the “z” string between the first and second course of strings on a guitar’s guitar fretboard.
The abbreviation for the z-axis coordinate for purposes of stereographic projection.
The abbreviation for the harmonically related series of pitches that is used to specify an interval of the fifth, as “z + 5 semi-tones”. The “z” here is often written as “h”, pronounced “hear”. This can be confusing as the note “z” is sometimes used in contexts unrelated to the fifth.
The abbreviation for a z-axis translation of a three dimensional Cartesian coordinate system where the y-axis is orthogonal to the x-axis and the x-axis is parallel to the z-axis. See the “Z-axis” section below.
The abbreviation for the Z-axis used to denote the z-axis coordinate of a 3-axis Cartesian coordinate system in 3D space.
The abbreviation for the Z-axis coordinate used to denote the z-axis coordinate of a 3-axis Cartesian coordinate system in 3D space, meaning the perpendicular-to-the-XY plane and parallel-to-the-YZ plane.
A system of chemical bonds (C-O-O-C) as a group on a biopolymer, analogous to the C-O-H group in polysaccharides.
ZSOT, Zsot

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