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Correct Accounting Software Free Download

Correct Accounting Software is a very powerful financial accounting software for small and medium businesses. Features include: basic inventory, invoicing, charges, comprehensive reports, delivery challans, quotes and almost everything else you will need to automate and record the financial transactions of your business.
You can also send documents and reports through E-Mail, or generate PDF files direct from Correct Accounting Software. Thanks to the address book, you have the possibility to manage and print your contacts.
You can send reminder emails, or letters directly from Correct . Powerful Customer, Supplier and Item explorers let you explore every aspect of your business, telling you what products are moving better, who are your best customers and suppliers, allowing you to gain a better control of your business. Correct even tells you when your payments are due, and who you have to contact to get the payment.
Correct Accounting software is not just an accounting tool, but a complete business finance management software that’s made to help you manage your business finances more efficiently.







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Supplements and Fix:

What’s new in version

Welcome to Correct Accounting! This is your journey from novice to expert and from you to Correct.
This manual is designed to give you an overview of the Correct accounting system and teach you how to navigate around the program.
You are encouraged to spend time here for reference.

Starting with the default installation of Correct Accounting, you are presented with a few options that will guide you through the software installation.
We will assume the default installation of Correct is used.

You will be able to add a Custom installation without this manual.

With the default installation, you should have no difficulties:

Correct Accounting has a wizard-style interface

It will take you through the several screens, giving you help and screens of information.

Correct Accounting can handle both fixed and PC generated accounts.

If you install into the default folder, Correct will be in program folder C:\PROGRAMS\Correect. If you wish to keep it in its own folder, you can select “Browse for folder”, giving you the path.

Correct will automatically detect what version of Correct Accounting you have installed and allow you to select the version of Correct Accounting and add it.

Correct AccountCn is written in Java. However, Correct includes a “Native.dll” that enables you to use the correct version of Java.

The default installation should be fine for most, and corrects some registry issues.


Installing Correct Accounting should be a simple, quick process.

Sometimes, the setup process fails.

Make sure your operating system has Java. The system cannot run Correct without Java.

If Correct is not working, try reinstalling it. This can remove or fix incorrect registration of any part of your program.

For those that installed Correct correctly, there are a few things you might want to check:

Following is the list of some items you may want to consider.

Make sure the correct spellings are used for most menus.

Correct requires a.dll file called “Native.dll” that correct must be at “program files\Correct

Correct.dll is “correct.dll”.

If you are not sure how to find the Correct.dll, go to “program files\Correct”.

You should see a list of

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Correct Accounting Software

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What’s New In?

Extra info from the vendor…

“Correct Accounting Software provides you with total finance and accounting software for small and medium sized businesses.
Our award-winning software delivers the tools and flexibility your business needs, through a contemporary and intuitive interface. Delivered with over 350 engaging features, this intuitive software is easy for

your users to use with no learning curve.

By using Correct Software, you can:

Easily track all your financial transactions with powerful reports, account allocations, and payments via our invoicing system.

Keep your business organised with helpful documents, company policies and procedures, and case management.

Manage your business more efficiently with a unique email

booking system, advanced address book and industry-leading customer

relationship management.

More than that, Correct Accounting Software gives you a complete finance and accounting tool for your business – from bookkeeping, to managing cash,
to payroll, book management and more.

In short, Correct Accounting Software is designed to work for your business, it’s packed with features to support your business needs.
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System Requirements For Correct Accounting Software:

· Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
· OpenGL 3.0
· 1GB HD space
· Full support for Mac Pro with NVIDIA NVIDIA® GeForce GT 330M
· ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 or NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 512MB or higher
· Intel® Core i7
1. OpenGL 3.0 support – This function requires the latest version of Mac OS X and NVIDIA drivers to be installed. To learn more about OpenGL support, please visit our support pages.

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