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While the feature is accessible and can be experienced in FIFA 20, we’ve dug deeper into what the teams on the pitch can expect to see, and how the focus has shifted compared to FIFA 20.

What it looks like

The reveal trailer for FIFA 22 shows exactly what this technology will look like, in-game. It gives you an idea of how players will now be able to create a more realistic experience.

You can see players, like Fabio Coentrao, have their passes reflected in their off-feet movements, allowing for greater control on the ball and better anticipation of where you need to move next. You can also see players tap the ball more with a greater variety of different types of spins and flicks, while defenders are now more involved in the action. This is all clearly visualised, as the motion capture data is captured at exactly the time the movement happens, rather than just as a picture from a camera.

FIFA 20 was most certainly a technical improvement in its off-the-ball physics, but with this technology, we hope we can take the on-the-ball experience to the next level.

How it works

If you’ve played a FIFA title before, you’ll know there are always the small things that add a lot of depth and make the game stand out from the crowd. Usually, though, these are layered on top of on-the-ball physics, so you’ve had a visual cue to what’s happening.

With ‘HyperMotion Technology’, we’re actually capturing the ball as it moves around, which allows the player more control over the physics of the game. It gives us a more precise data set than ever before, giving us the foundation to go one step further.

Creating a more realistic game of football

FIFA is not a ‘2D’ game, but it is a ‘3D’ game. We are creating a much more realistic experience because we are capturing everything around you: where you move, how you move, how you tackle, what you do with the ball when you are getting the ball, and how you defend and run out on goal.

It’s this information that the physics engine will be trying to work with, and it’s this that the engine is going to be getting a lot more information about. This gives us the ability to create a more


Features Key:

  • Re-mastered visuals
  • Feature-rich gameplay
  • Dazzling stadiums
  • Experimental match engine FUT
  • Players and systems from around the world
  • Updated team line-up
    • Over 30000 new team kits
    • Detailed player faces
    • Updated visuals
    • Clubs with upgraded backlines
    • New improvements added to players
  • Brand new features –
    • FM-900
    • FIFA Pitch 2 features
    • GK Net Defense
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • DNA
    • Tackling system
    • a new approach to Ultimate Team
      • Introducing FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons
      • FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons
      • Transfer Market
      • New set of user tools to manage your Ultimate Team
      • Price history
      • Improved editorial and visual presentation


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      EA SPORTS FIFA is the world’s most authentic way to experience football. Developed by a team of passionate football fans, FIFA puts players in the heart of the game to truly feel, and interact with, the intensity of the real world.*

      Get FIFA, the World’s Game

      FIFA delivers the most authentic football experience, wherever and whenever you want. Experience the emotion, excitement and drama of every game, any time and any place. FIFA Live TV® is a free online TV service offering live, free-to-air games from around the globe.

      FIFA Ultimate Team™: The Game of Football

      Earn, buy and develop your own football team of real players. Play against your friends in online matches, all powered by EA SPORTS FIFA’s game engine.

      EA SPORTS FIFA World League™

      Experience all the excitement of the new FIFA World League in FIFA 17, powered by EA SPORTS’ game engine.


      As the countdown to the launch of FIFA 17 starts, EA SPORTS FIFA 17 will be available in stores on Friday, September 22, on all major platforms. Grab a demo now for your chance to get hands-on with the game before it launches.

      Ratings & Reviews


      Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.
      Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

      Top Features

      Football Discovery

      Discover new ways to play and get immersed in football with new tactics, skills and player archetypes. Get an edge over your opponent, take your pick from more than 90 new football players, take control of the pitch with more realistic visuals, or define your tactics with an all new 6-a-side game.

      New AI Seasons

      Revolutionise a new generation of AI with new player patterns, smarter tactics and more. The new AI Seasons mode lets players personalise and adjust the way AI plays, depending on how they prepare their teams. New data-driven AI works its way into attack, defence and specialised positions to keep matches close and unpredictable.

      Formation Changes

      Choose from over 100 new ways to play in the most authentic way possible with Formation Changes and the return of free-


      Fifa 22

      Match your favorite real-world players with legends from the past in FIFA Ultimate Team.

      Playable Demographics – Character race, visual and gender customization, and head and neck shape bring authenticity and realism to the game.

      Player Intelligence – FIFA 20 features several improvements to the AI and player behavior that make it feel even more authentic. FIFA also delivers more communication to the player in real time through the Crowd – the reactions of fans can sometimes influence the outcome of a match, influencing players through the crowds.

      New Broadcast Engine – Add another layer of entertainment to FIFA 20 with the introduction of a brand new broadcast engine that improves visuals and delivers an authentic viewing experience from all angles.

      Replay Improvements – The game-changing Replay system takes virtual memory to a whole new level by allowing you to save in-game moments and relive them with ease, along with archiving your best Moments and Great Goals, and then using YouTube or social media to share them with friends.

      A total of 34 national teams representing the whole world’s most populous countries are included in the game, with approximately 850 new players to select from. A new engine of football innovations is powering all 32 official stadiums and more than 1,000 player models, while the Transfer Market has been given a massive overhaul with a massive amount of new features and functionality. More balanced gameplay and new stadiums are also on the way.

      4K UHD – FIFA 20 will be the only FIFA to support native 4K in both Game and Virtual Reality modes, meaning you’ll be able to experience new gameplay and experience a more immersive VR environment. This is the first entry in the series to be capable of running in 4K 60 FPS in both modes.

      A brand-new animation engine allows for increased photorealism and a new rendering system creates a more realistic and immersive experience in every facet of the game.

      AI improvements, including the ability to learn from mistakes and use tactics to drive play, and the introduction of a “Bio” attribute that allows players to avoid certain collisions that cause injuries on the field.

      Host team and opposition assistant coaches give individual tactical advice based on the player, weather and pitch conditions, with the ability to create individual teams with distinct traits.

      FIFA 20 features fully customizable cards, making it easier than ever to change the way you play the game. Create and customize thousands of different combinations of cards, allowing you to truly personalize your gameplay.

      AI improvements



      What’s new in Fifa 22:

      • Introduction of the innovative Change the Game mode where you get rewarded for your skills and actions to change the match outcome.
      • Play with a Spectator now. Use the gamepad or the new 5-inch panel to control your virtual cameras as well as all other players on-screen, change tactics and make on-field adjustments.
      • Feel the game enhanced with real-time effects during set-pieces.
      • New Channel Balance feature that enhances your tactical creativity.
      • Other new features


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      Competing in the annual EA SPORTS FIFA franchise, FIFA is the leading soccer simulation, with a record-breaking number of annual active users. A truly immersive and authentic experience, FIFA delivers a variety of game modes to immerse you in soccer culture and emotion, including real-world player teams and competitions, official licensed teams and competitions, fully licensed player contracts, and a high level of gameplay authenticity for the most realistic football experience possible.

      What is the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise?

      FIFA is the leading soccer simulation franchise, with a record-breaking number of annual active users. The global competition is played on virtually every territory on the planet, and it is truly competitive. Players can compete in official and licensed tournaments in official and licensed leagues. FIFA includes a full player and team management experience, as well as a full career mode.

      What is new in FIFA 22?

      New features include EA SPORTS Football on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is the most advanced football game ever to hit the console market.

      Up to 10 football matches can be saved in My Career mode, and new AI difficulty settings allow you to play FIFA more for fun or for competitive challenge. Learn the ins and outs of AI team-play in a variety of new modes.

      Have your team ready for the action in the new Create a Club mode, where you can play against all of your friends, earn FIFA Points and, ultimately, become a FIFA head coach.

      FIFA World Tour is returning, and the new World Tour Ultra Pro is the deepest, most realistic simulation of the Tour to date.

      FIFA Ultimate Team is re-imagined, as players can now redeem FIFA Points to upgrade their squad, with customizable kits and individual player likenesses.

      There are more memories captured in one match than in any other FIFA game.

      Take goal celebrations to the next level with a variety of innovative new celebrations.

      Classic FIFA modes for the first time on consoles, including classic Superstars, Classic International, The Showcase and Online Tournaments.

      New match engine and AI improvements, with better ball physics, intelligent positioning, aggressive new moves, and smarter tactics.

      FIFA Ultimate Team is online, a feature with a massive library of cards, coins and other real-world items, and offers competitive play against other FIFA players around the world.

      A variety of new FIFA Ultimate Team modes.

      Improved gameplay in Game Face, a new Commentary


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