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Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars Crack [2022-Latest]







Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars

Futurama is owned by 20th Century Fox and created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen.
Like all of the series, Futurama is created as a satirical science fiction comedy.
The series features a range of topical absurdist humor in the form of humorously misanthropic parodies of science, technology, and culture, some episodes are set in a future history version of Earth in the year 3000.
The series follows the adventures of an amnesiac astronaut who crash lands on a strange new planet inhabited by robots and organic lifeforms called cyborgs, who possess the ability to violently reproduce with one another.
Early on in the show’s run, the show makes several references to various comic and science-fiction works, including others by Groening, such as The Simpsons, Futurama and Spaceballs.
The show has become very successful and its fans even have their own annual convention.
The Futurama cartoon series debuted on Comedy Central in February, 1999 and ended after three seasons.
Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars Cracked Version for Computer fans:
Download this icon pack on Google play.
DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made/ unofficial website for Futurama. It is in no way affiliated with 20th Century Fox or any of it’s official artists or productions. This is intended for entertainment purposes only. All material is Copyright to their respective owners, no copyright infringement is intended. All icons are sized to fit the screen and can be cropped and used for many different purposes. Icons can be used for personal or commercial use and are not intended to modify or remove the original from any item or to be used as offensive (or illegal) items. This icon pack’s copyright is owned by the creator of this icon pack.

My name is X-Chromosome X and today I have for you an icon pack. I’m a fan of the show and the license is CC-BY. This icon pack will contain icons for your desktop or mobile devices. This pack is not for sharing or distributing.

Premise: It’s so cold in the future, that a robot scientist sent to a distant planet, lives in a freezer box.
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Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars Product Key Full

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Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars Crack For Windows


Please share any problems or bugs that you find with the icons, of course assuming that you want to allow these issues to be shown to the developer.
For installation instructions check the ReadMe file included in the download and also read the instructions included in the pack. Also read and accept the license of use if you plan on using the icons in any project.
If you want to feature this icon pack on your site, please link to this post.

Futurama Vol. 5 – Heads In Jars is the ultimate pack from the beloved Futurama series from the season 5 onwards that is now available as a full icon set, available in 3 colors: Blue, Gray and Green.All the portraits are made with the distinctive characters style and are of a 256×256 resolution, making them perfect to use as folder icons, even if you plan on viewing them in extra-large mode.
Furthermore, no fonts are included in this pack for those who use the Windows operating system.


• This icon pack does not contain any warranty or support at all.

• I WILL NOT be providing any support for the pack if required.

• This pack comes in a ZIP archive that can be extracted anywhere.

• The fonts in this pack are not included.

• Some pictures might be less than 256

What’s New In?

But this is no ordinary icon pack! A new set of characters have appeared in Futurama’s frozen world, and not all of them are from Earth! Meet multiple faces from throughout the galaxy, from aliens like R2-D2 and Bertha, robotic characters like Zoidberg, robot parts like Bender, warrior Kai, even robot life forms like Pepe and a monkey! With over 50 new characters in this pack, each with their own unique and hilarious personality, this is one Futurama icon pack that will be sure to give your desktop that brand new look!
• More Than 50 Icons, From the Big Babes to Robot Life Forms
• Makeshift Space Suit, Artwork and Illustrations by the Creators of Futurama
• Subscription is FREE
• This icon pack Is Safe For Work
• Unicode support
1. Unzip the contents of the archive
2. Drag the folder into the Appearance window in Windows Explorer or the Dashboard menu in OSX Finder
3. This icon pack is compatible with most desktop themes
Thanks for downloading and please check out my other new icon packs which are:
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– New characters: Pepto, Wacom, Zil, and Pepe

– Bugfixes: All mentioned bugs and issues were fixed

Try out Futurama Vol. 7 – New Jedi icon pack for PC or Mac on desktop in the following size: 1024 x 1024 px and you will get a new beautiful desktop. You can use this icon pack for free in you personal projects, and if you like my work you can pay me with your

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements
To Run:
Windows XP
32bit, 64bit
Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: 1.2 GHz Pentium III
512 MB RAM
1024 x 768 Display
Recommended Requirements
Minimum Specifications

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