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IDS SDD V131 – Mp3 Format - The-Chef

IDS SDD V131 – Mp3 Format

IDS SDD V131 – Mp3 Format



Ids Sdd Land Rover Jaguar V131

IIRC this is the only version which is reported to work with
a “1998 and later” version of the Sdd. (I could not find the exact
version, I took the one which was at the beginning of this
Jan 9, 2014
I am in the same situation and the idscsvr in the comments
solved my problem.
Feb 15, 2013
The drivers for “IDS Diagnostics” and SDD are “old” (means: not
updated since 2004) and haven’t seen a reaction to a newer version
of the drivers (2013 or later). I guess your problem has a similar
cause. 😉
May 8, 2012
I tried this driver version 1.0 but it did not work for me (version 1.0.2001.0) – error code “0x80004220” or some IDS-version number. Later there was a new version (1.0.2001.2) and it worked for a while.
Or I have to use some other tool like the one, mentioned below on the internet.
But this version was updated and I just could download it from here:

May 12, 2012
I have exactly the same problem:
An unresponsive IDS is caused by a program running on the Windows
installation which prevents the driver from working.
First I restarted the computer, then I deleted the “unresponsive”
Then I installed the new version from here:

Then I restarted the computer and IDS started working.
I can download the new version and it will be installed as soon as
the next restart.
May 20, 2012
I have tried to install the latest version ( on Windows
7 x64 and also on Windows 7 x32 with the same problem.
May 25, 2012
I started to go back with the older version (but 1.0.300.0) –
and that works. So it seems that newer versions do not work on
certain Windows-versions.
July 2, 2012
The non-responsive IDS is caused by the Unresponsive Service

Sept 12, 2017
Here is the updated version of the G-Code software for V8 to V6 cars. It supports Jaguar and Land Rover SDD (All models) version 131.06 to 150.06. In my case I needed V131.06, since the earlier version didn’t work with my mine. As you can see in the screenshots above, it also supports GXP, GAPCOD and latest GCSI. So, nothing to download. Only you need to open a file and run it. .


The Jaguar software supplied by Land Rover (for V8 to V6) is known as JAGUAR IDS and is available as below.
It works on new and old cars, but due to changing of reference points Land Rover.

Jaguar IDS – Download

To solve problems with old cars you need to run calibration file with specified numbers of exchange cycles and transfer them into the vehicle.
Both Land Rover and Jaguar provide a number of calibration files.
Below are the calibration files and associated transfer files available for download.
There is also a Land Rover ICarsoft program for calibration files.

Land Rover ICarsoft IDS – Transfer files

Formal methods require input to be taken at a specific time and the time is of great importance to the tool. This is just one of the reasons as to why Land Rover ICarsoft has moved away from calibration files and switched to transfer files. These files format the information contained within the original calibration files into usable data. This data is then available to the user through the new Land Rover ICarsoft v2 – ‘Calibration’ tool.
The following files below are suitable for downloading. The second and third file types are the interchange files, while the VCodeCal and CalData are the calibration files.
The files available to download require the use of a suitable software or program as listed below.

Land Rover ICarsoft Software Requirements

You can find Land Rover ICarsoft software program (v2.1) in the links below.

Land Rover ICarsoft – v2.1

You may also find the links to the required transfer files below.

Transfer Files – Land Rover ICarsoft – Transfer files

The following files were created by Luca Costagliola of the Land Rover ICarsoft team.

Land Rover ICarsoft IDS CALIB

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