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NovoPile Crack Keygen Full Version Free Download

NovoPile is a useful application designed to estimate the bearing capacity and the pile settlement. The application uses a method that covers both driven and bored piles in order to analyze an unlimited number of soil layers.
The results of the analysis are presented in a data table that can be exported to Microsoft Excel worksheets or image files.
Note: The application is still under development and is free to use only for testing purposes. You can find more details on the developer’s webpage.







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• New: NNOVO-PILES has been developed to answer questions of engineers who want to build supports (piles) in soft ground. The researchers need to solve the problem of estimating the maximum capacity (force of pile rise) in their pile casings for a given location. The purpose is to determine the existing risk of the pile casings.
• Pile support is a necessary part of the construction of industrial infrastructure, roads and other civil engineering projects. It is well known that the pile support is the only designed support that can withstand huge loads, which is about 10-15 times the total weight of a pile, and that the stability of piles depends on their capacity. Another advantage is the fact that the pile is considered to have a round shape, it does not touch the ground and is used to bind the material with a force, not a physical constraint. This fact makes it a very effective tool in design, constructions and use of highways and other infrastructure.
• This product contains information about the various parameters of the pile support through which its capacity can be calculated. The analysis is based on a mathematical model describing the radial distribution of the load on the pile radius.
• The life of the pile will be improved if you use an accurate finite element method to analyze it.
• When using the numerical method to analyze the behavior of soft soils, we need to go through a series of problems. The most important issue is the mathematical model that describes the radial distribution of the load on the pile radius. One of the main issues with the numerical calculation of piles in soft soil is the non-finite length and non-uniform material properties. Our model allows you to estimate and visualize the load for the pile and for each layer of the casing.
• The next issue is the choice of discretization method. The models based on the finite element method require to define the mesh on the pile. The most common way of solving the problem, is to use three-points where the parameters of the casing are varied. This method provides good results, but, unfortunately, it requires much computing power, the need to solve the system of equations for each point of the casing and the violation of the principle of the continuity of the material parameters. In NNOVO-PILES is possible to analyze the pile in two methods. The first of which is a free standard grid and the second is a special grid that allows to simulate the pile by the finite element method.
• Our finite element models

NovoPile Crack

* Version 2.5.2
* Numerous improvements:
* Avoiding using 2 databases
* Updating the database (current results can be displayed before updating)
* Better results grid
* Result labels and color changes depending on the results
* Legend for the results table (added)
* Limited options and notes are now written to the log
* Options are now shown from the results grid
* Seams are now handled more efficiently
* Improved output image with finer resolution
* Pin conversion error message
* Fixed some spelling errors
* Incompatible installations corrected
* Databases were normalized to improve performance
* Full Unicode support
* Compilation optimized for x64 platforms
* Several minor improvements
* Removed classes and interfaces
* Non-removed methods have been commented
* Various tests
* Database is now included in the distribution
Sample results
The image below show results from a Dutch soil with a depth of 20 cm (1). The points and lines represent the results of the NovoPile application, the dots represent the current results of the application.
The dot at point (50,0) in the
first image is the current result of the
application, the dot at point (50,0) in the
second image shows the result of NovoPile’s
optimization routine.
Note: The image shows a test with great
results for the deposition of the piles!
To test the latest version, please download and
install the following files:
| (32 bit) (64 bit)
In order to use NovoPile, you need to extract the ZIP
files and create a stand-alone installation of NovoPile on your
Run the NovoPile Setup.exe application.
To install the NovoPile database into the default location, click
the ‘Next’ button.
To install the current results into the default location, click
the ‘Finish’ button. To update the database, click the ‘Update’
To export the database to a.xls file, click the ‘Finish’
To export the database to a.xlsx file, click the ‘Finish’
To export the database to a.csv file, click the ‘

NovoPile Crack Patch With Serial Key Download

NovoPile is a free, open source application written in Delphi 7, to be used for analyzing the structural stability of driven and bored piles.
The application does not require installation on the hard drive but instead accesses the stack of documents that are on your hard drive. It can be run on any Windows operating system where Delphi 7 is already installed.
The installation process is quite straightforward and no

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What’s New In NovoPile?

– NOVOPILES data is divided into sets of three (driven pile sets and bored pile sets), allowing you to analyze a multitude of soil layers.
– In the ‘Analyzed data’ section you can assess the ‘Pile Capsule’ or the ‘Pile Capsule Interactions’ section.
– The ‘Pile Capsule Interactions’ section is useful in 3D modelling of the Pile Capsule, using the additional ‘Driven Pile Capsule’ and ‘Bored Pile Capsule’ sections.
– You can see the ‘Driven and bored pile settlement (in cm)’ and ‘Borehole installation (in cm)’ values with respect to the ‘Pile Capsule Interactions’ section.
– The Pile Capsule Interactions section is also useful for studying the pile-pile capsule: this is the distance between both piles (in cm) that is calculated after applying the ‘Pile Capsule Equation’.
– As far as other data, in addition to the aforementioned results, the data from the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ sections are also presented, just by clicking on the button ‘Roll-over’ in the ‘Pile Capsule Interactions’ section.
– NOVOPILES provides a complete analysis of the bearing capacity and the pile settlement considering the ‘Variation of the bearing capacity’ and the ‘Variation of the settlement depth’ for any of the possible interactions and for any of the possible layers.
– NOVOPILES provides all the BEM, NNL and PBA values with their respective results.
– The pile capsules support up to 9 soil layers, just by clicking on the ‘Drill holes’ button. If the ‘Pile Capsule Interactions’ section is selected, then only the ones presenting the main interaction of the drilled pile, are displayed.
– The ‘Drill holes’ button allows the selection of all the soil layers for a drilled pile and their results.
– NOVOPILES provides the help section.
– NOVOPILES is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007.
– NOVOPILES supports all IBM compatible computers with a RAM > 1 GB and an OS 32 bits.
– NOVOPILES supports all Windows systems.
– NOVOPILES supports all Mac systems.
– NOVOPILES requires the latest Microsoft.NET Framework for 32 bits and for 64 bits.

System Requirements For NovoPile:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or later; Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Processor: 2 GHz CPU or faster
Memory: 256 MB RAM or more
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card with 1 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard disk: 5 MB available space
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