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151112B. PDFelement The Drivers.
I was trying to figure out how to make my very first

pdfviewer is working ok but i need to press some keys. If i press some of those shortcut keys, the pdfviewer menu opens up. However, for some reason, when i select a command, the program opens my broswer instead of the pdfviewer. I have turned off my firewall. It also has never caused any problems before.

What can cause this? This happens on windows 7 and ubuntu.


I found the issue. It was in the registry. I used to run Dellpops for two years and am glad to say I have not used it since July 2014. But after a few months of not using it, Dellpops created a registry key in which it creates shortcuts on my desktop.

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on May 7, 2012May 7, 2012|Comments Off on Now I The Lord See All

The truth of this, that I myself am nothing, and whatever I may be, which You see, I am not justified unless You do, I shall rejoice in: and I shall be satisfied, if I were nothing, in the knowledge of my nothingness.

The vision of the glorious I AM that you may believe in Him.

He was a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Weeping may endure for a night; but joy cometh in the morning.Mike Lee ‘extremely worried’ about Jon Kyl’s health

The Republican has reportedly been diagnosed with a “chronic illness”

All was going well for the intraparty line:

[Jon] Kyl and Lee had been amiable with one another. Lee, now the second-ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee and a presumptive nominee for the No. 2 job of Senate GOP whip, last year offered to be the majority leader’s “liaison” with the caucus. In June 2009, Lee stood behind Kyl to announce that he was retiring from the Senate after 24 years and seven terms. Lee isn’t even sure if Kyl is still the Senate Republican leader.

And it might come to a head soon:

Lee said that he was considering how to deal with Kyl, whom he called

January 3, 2009
. .Virginis (moon)

Virginis ( ) is a retrograde irregular satellite of Uranus, approximately in diameter. It was discovered by Michael E. Brown in 2001, and given the code by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) since 1999.

Virginis orbits Uranus at an average distance of 49.7 million km in an eccentric orbit, once every 5.9 days. Its orbit is highly inclined to Uranus’ equator, with an orbital inclination of 101°. It has been assigned to the Uranian moon group as a classical Kuiper object.

Physical characteristics

Its average density is, similar to that of other Uranian satellites. It has an extremely irregular shape, most of its surface being characterized by high relief. By Uranus’ standard classification scheme, it is an “ice giant”.

It has an absolute magnitude of 14.88, making it the brightest Uranian moon. The surface temperature of its side facing Uranus has been found to be, depending on local lighting conditions.


Virginis was discovered on May 23, 2001 by an amateur astronomer using the Faulkes Telescopes at Siding Spring Observatory, Australia, as part of the Uranus Probes program, where the two individual observations separated by one week at Pluto, were combined in an image.

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Category:Discoveries by Michael E. Brown: I don’t know how many people are actually toying with the idea of self-publishing, so it’s a great opportunity for [them] to get that option [with] a book that’s really popular with readers.

And there’s always the option of going with a bigger publishing house if you’re looking for more distribution and other marketing. It’s a big decision, and I don’t like to be the one to say there’s only one solution. I’m happy to talk to people about their options. I’m just not the person to say what’s the better route, and that’s up to each author

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