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Blizzard is doing it’s own version of the Cantina Scene with the Gladiator Class Guide for Cataclysm, you can find it at this page. The guide will be more of a suggested outline for the Gladiator Class and also there will be a few different choices for you to pick from.

If you want the full version it’s 20 pages with many different choices like what kind of armor, what weapons you want, what kind of talents you would want and much more.


I’ve been going through the various Classes in Cataclysm and with the exception of the Warlock, I think all the other classes are fairly well done and are a great expansion for WoW.

I also feel that each class does a lot of things really well like the Paladin healing, or the Blood Elf Warlock Vengeance, or how the Death Knight is fun to play but just kind of a pain to have around.

I’m not going to get too deep into each class because I think I need to actually play them and see what I like best, but I did want to make a quick comparison chart of the various classes. I’m going to start with the new class, Warlocks, because I actually like the Warchief compared to the Warlock.

I haven’t seen a single Warlock outside of the a few videos (

I think their idea with the Warlock was a good one. They took the Warlock from TBC and made it into a caster. I mean it’s an enhancement shaman; in WoW it’s a Spiritwalker at level 80. I remember leveling my TBC Warlock and I actually really liked playing with it. The only thing was that the Warlock was not really bringing anything new to the table. I felt as though it had the same spells as the Demonology and Frost Death Knight talents, plus with the Blood Elf Hunter’s the Warlock had a similar class and really helped me leveling.

I think that in WoW the Warlock should be designed as a hybrid class. There are three general roles a Warlock can play with it being the single target spells like Demonology, the AoE rotation like Death Knight, and the CC rotation like Blood Elf Shaman.

I’m not really a fan of the single target spells.

Like how the

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