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Portable UltraExplorer Crack Free License Key Free For Windows [2022-Latest]

You might be aware that Windows Explorer is not suitable for portable computers. It is bloated, slow, unstable and has no versatile features.
So, Portable UltraExplorer is a file manager tool that functions similarly to Windows Explorer, but it has the advantage of no need to be installed on a computer: simply download and run the executable file.
You can run Portable UltraExplorer on any computer with Windows, even a Windows XP or Windows 2000 system. In other words, the tool supports all contemporary operating systems from any manufacturer.
The program is portable, which means it doesn’t change the registry, leaving no leftover items, even after removal.
When Portable UltraExplorer is installed on a user’s Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 computer, you don’t need to download it from a third party website again. It is not just another way to download and install apps to your computer: the application is just a single file, like the Windows Explorer executable.
Besides the app’s lightweight operation, it uses only a couple of megabytes of space in the Windows system. So, there is no need to download another heavy file manager or any other program.
The app is very easy to install and use. Simply locate and double-click the.exe file to run it.
Portable UltraExplorer has a variety of intriguing features.
• Shows the different tabs on the right side of the application, so you can quickly access the main menu, navigation, drop stack and filter bars from any window.
• The app can be dragged and dropped on any folder. This enables you to quickly open any folder on the computer.
• The program lists the drives on the left side of the screen, so you can explore all drives on the computer.
• You can quickly locate any folder, file or match text using its advanced search option.
• Select the thumb icons and you can use the app as an icon manager.
• The Windows directory is displayed on the top of the main menu, so you can quickly access it.
• This file manager can be easily customized via the “Options” window.
• It has built-in support for the treeview and listview, which can be configured in many ways.
• You can import your own favorites and edit them as desired.
• Display icons for folders instead of square thumbnails.
• You can choose the default view (view by path or list view) for any folder.
• If you use the integrated search feature,

Portable UltraExplorer [32|64bit]

Portable UltraExplorer is a freeware file manager offering several useful features.
One of the most useful tools in the app is the listview; you can organize your folders based on different criteria, sort them into groups and even set the actions associated with each folder.
You can create custom actions for selected folders, add shortcuts to items, use the search feature and edit the thumbnails. Additionally, you can drag and drop files, mount removable disks, save selected files and folders and change the view mode.
The app can also be configured to use when you boot Windows, integrate into the start menu and minimize to the system tray.
The “Options” panel contains various display properties, such as text color and font for labels and groups.
Finally, one of the most interesting features of Portable UltraExplorer is the “Graphical view”, which plots the file directory structure into a graphical depiction – this makes it very easy to visualize the size and organization of your folders.
Unfortunately, the absence of a built-in editor doesn’t make the app fail to accomplish its goals.

IMPORTANT: When installing the Portable version, the original data is overwritten.

Advanced search engine

Personalize Windows

Track when applications start and stop

Do not lose data

Many features available

Easy navigation

Faster navigation

Save browsing history

Search titles

Free to use

Freeware / shareware

About Portable UltraExplorer

Download Portable UltraExplorer

Latest Portable UltraExplorer release (7-Oct-2019 14:55:28):

Last version of Portable UltraExplorer for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016.

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UltraExplorer Description:UltraExplorer is an open source software for file management. It uses the PSOPlus plug-in for file management programs. The filesystem supports archive formats, supports text, binary and FAT image files, as well as compressed and encrypted files. The filesystem is very efficient and supports scanning. It is able to recover most system crashes and other errors. It is compatible with Windows versions: Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 / Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, Windows 10.

Latest Portable UltraExplorer release

Portable UltraExplorer Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free

Portable UltraExplorer is portable file manager software for Windows based operating system developed by eKMScrapper.

Portable UltraExplorer allows you to run standalone from USB flash drive, network hard disk, or any other media device. Your data can be accessed from any computer in your current network, regardless of the operating system or computer architecture of each.

eKMScrapper portable file manager will work with the drive partitions of your computer and the external media drives of any PC, regardless of its capacity and operating system.
The license allows you to run Portable UltraExplorer on up to 3 separate computers at the same time, or to use it for multiple computers in a network.

Please report problems or send feedback to

What is new in Portable UltraExplorer

What is new in Portable UltraExplorer

Highlights in Portable UltraExplorer

– a couple of new interesting and useful tools in the “Tools” category, as well as the introduction of two new settings – the Scanning Limits and the Scanning Time.

– an improved scan size limitations feature that allows us to improve the efficiency of our files scanning.
– an advanced file search feature for Windows XP that helps you locate files much faster.

What is new in Portable UltraExplorer


– low CPU usage

– no modifications made to the Windows registry

– no leftover items can be found after removal

– the setup doesn’t require any special action to be done on the user’s computer; it can be run standalone from USB flash drive, network hard disk, or any other media device.

You can connect to your own network, over the internet or to a local area network using standard network configurations and protocols, like TCP/IP, UDP and NetBIOS.

Connected to a computer, Portable UltraExplorer can be used for file search, file management, file scanning and file transfer operations.

Additional tools:

– a File scanning feature that allows you to detect and manage several file types, such as MP3, ZIP, PDF, Microsoft Office documents, executable files, etc.
– a File search that provides various search options, such as the ability to search only files with specific

What’s New In?

Take a look at the following tabs:
Main Menu – provides quick access to all system tools and features;
Favorite Crumb – makes it possible to save items from the navigation toolbar for quick access;
Drives – you can add, move and delete drives from this tab;
Layout – allows you to customize the appearance of the Explorer window;
Navigation – displays the navigation bar;
Tabs – enables multi-tab browsing in the Explorer window.
Collection – displays the collection of search results.
Search – the built-in search engine;
Filter – permits viewing only certain items.
Options – provides control over various settings.
Shortcuts – includes keyboard shortcuts for certain actions.
Slider – adjust the file size in percent.
MiniToolbar – browse and view items from the toolbars.

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