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QueryFace Crack PC/Windows [Updated] 2022







QueryFace Crack PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

– Recognize face(s)
– Find similar pictures (with same people)
– Keep an archive of select picture
– Remove pictures and save new archive
– Privacy protection
– Accept/reject all in a single click
– Easy to use
– Create feedback
– Capture facial expressions
– Include pictures with other people in them
– Create your archive with custom name
– Includes picture tags

Fresco is an application that support drag and drop on a canvas objects. Fresco canvas can be overlapped like panel.


* Support draw text on canvas object and copy to clipboard.
* Support ackground color for string
* Support background fill
* Suppot custom font
* Support border fill
* Support gradient fill
* Support gradient color
* Support gradient gradient color

How to use?

Upload some images to canvas

Add text on canvas and copy to clipboard

Drag text from clipboard to canvas and resize

Resize text and copy text to clipboard

Drag fonts from your fonts folder and assign to text

Drag Background color from Colors panel to text

Choose from colors with number

Extend the canvas

Extend left, right, top or bottom border

Add the text object to canvas and extend a border

Drag background color from Colors panel to border

Choose from colors with number

Vertical text drag to canvas and drop

Horizontal text drag to canvas and drop







Equal height

Equal width

Text Size

Text Color

Text Background color

Text Effects

Text Shadow Color

Text Shadow Blur

Text Shadow Angle

Text Shadow Distance

Text Effect

Text Shadow Effect

Text Shadow Arrow Color

Custom Background

Custom Width

Custom Height

Fresco Icon

Fresco Logo

The ability of human brain to identify person on the base of his or her visual appearance is somewhat commonly concerned to be very easy.
However, when we talk about database of thousands or more images and want to find a particular face, manual review could be boring and take a lot of time.
The ListFace application will allow you to simplify this task. This tool will recognize face(s) on image and finds similar pictures (with the same people

QueryFace Crack +

QueryFace For Windows 10 Crack is a desktop application for searching the database of faces in your own photo collection. It features an effective interface and allows users to set up searches, as well as the number of similar pictures it should return. Once the search has been completed, the app presents a table of search results with photos of faces that have been found. Because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface, this application is especially suitable for users who want to find pictures of themselves in pictures taken in their surroundings.
It works with the following types of pictures:
– MTF (digital photographic prints)
– Mixed file formats: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP (TIFF and JPEG are supported).
– Pictures stored on the computer hard drive.
– Pictures stored on Facebook and other social networks.
– Pictures stored on the hard drive of the mobile device.
– Pictures stored on digital cameras.
– Pictures of the Internet.
Key features:
– An interface that makes the work easier.
– Support for all image file formats.
– Automatic recognition of faces in pictures in order to find them (in a few seconds).
– Ability to search for two or more faces in one picture.
– Ability to specify the number of similar photos.
– Ability to specify where the facial recognition algorithm shall search (face, eyes, mouth, glasses, hairstyle).
– Ability to change search criteria on the fly.
– Ability to specify whether the facial recognition algorithm shall recognize one, two, three, or more faces.
– Ability to stop the search and review options in case the user has found all matches.
– Support for smartphones and tablets.
– Ability to browse images on the base of the characteristics of the face.
– Ability to compare pictures with the search results in order to distinguish the best result.
– Import of the facial recognition algorithm from the file.
– Ability to specify the angle and the position of the camera at the time of the picture capture.
– Ability to specify portrait orientation.
– Ability to specify the location of the camera.
– Ability to change the settings of the facial recognition algorithm.
– Ability to manually modify the settings of the facial recognition algorithm.
– Ability to return the optimal settings of the facial recognition algorithm based on information contained in the database (this might be helpful, if the user has problems with the “automatic” selection of the settings).
– The possibility to automatically search for the facial recognition algorithm in the AppStore.

QueryFace Activation Key

1) It supports both hand-drawn (figures) and video facial search in order to find people in image/video files.
2) It works on the top 2M images on image/video database (other databases can be added).
3) It does not require to apply any kind of preprocessing to the original image/video.
4) It doesn’t return a whole bunch of candidates. You will be provided with just a small subset of candidates and you can specify those you prefer.
5) It’s really good at matching faces even when the person in the image/video face has red lips.
6) It’s free!
Thank you for your interest, I hope you will enjoy this application as much as I did!
P.S. This is my first real app on the market. I hope you will find it useful as well!
– Web App: queryFace is available both as web application (with webcam) and as desktop application. Web version uses embedded webcam to match faces.
– Hand-drawn figures support: 3 kinds of figures are included: arrows, bookmarks and shapes.
– Video facial search support: queryFace offers video search as well.
– Search terms support: you can specify the one you would like to match and the application will calculate the search algorithm to find the best matches. You can specify multiple search terms as well and the system will find multiple people who have these traits, specified by you.
– Simple face recognition algorithm: the main face recognition algorithm is based on one of the most common and simple face recognition method: LAB (Local Axis Bend) descriptors. LAB is available as an image processing tool in various freeware/free softwares. You can download it from (search for “LAB” keyword).
– Match confidence indicator: you will be informed when the person in the image is found and you will be provided with links to the ranked images.
– Preferences options: you can adjust the presentation (candidate frequency) using the preferences settings.
– Downloading option: you can have a batch mode, download all the people you have found in a given folder in a zip archive file.
– Customizable interface (color scheme): you have full control of the background color, font style and color of the text.
– Configurable output: you can choose the exported format

What’s New In?

The QueryFace is a tool developed to help database management.
This application provides the possibility to view some photos on the base of the same face, only one example, just like search application.
The user can select the faces from the image or drag and drop the desired image by using mouse. The application tries to find the best match face from the candidates and ask to select the correct one. Once you have selected, the result will be given. In addition, the user can choose the performance, the time when the result will be given and the number of matches.
The QueryFace application can be used to find faces in the database, but also to find face (s) on photographs.

Videotagger 3.5 is the ultimate video capture and capture studio software. It is not only the best video capture software, but also the fastest software with best video capture and video editing speed. Furthermore, Videotagger 3.5 video capture editor is not only a powerful video editing software, but also a very easy to use video capture and editing software.

You can use Videotagger 3.5 to record videos on your Windows PC, or on video devices like digital cameras, video camera, webcams, mobile phones or video streaming devices such as Flip and Go pro. Videotagger 3.5 captures, shoots, edits and compresses high quality videos. Record up to 720p HD videos.

Videotagger 3.5 photo editor is an easy photo editing software with many useful features. Use Videotagger 3.5 photo editor to create professional photos such as photo editing, basic photo enhancements, collages, video effects, overlays, digital photo frames, presentations, posters, greeting cards, greeting cards and much more. It has a built-in cam view to help you take photos using your digital camera. You can use Videotagger 3.5 photo editor to modify the color, brightness and contrast and other photo effects. Use Videotagger 3.5 photo editor to crop, edit, rotate and adjust the orientation of the photo. You can use the built-in photo viewer to preview and edit images. Use Videotagger 3.5 photo editor to convert your photo to black and white, sepia, color, matte or pattern. Use the built-in slideshow creator to create presentation slides from images. Add text, clipart, music and other effects to create presentation slides.

The Videotagger 3.5 photo editor has

System Requirements:

* 1.8 GHz Processor
* 512 MB VRAM
* USB3.0, HDMI or DisplayPort compatible display
* Windows 7 SP1 (64bit) or later
* Windows Media Center 2007 or later
* Windows Media Center 2004 R1 or later
* DirectX 9.0c graphics card
* Network connection
* It is recommended to use Windows Media Center.
* WMC can work as an FTP client.
* For your convenience, please use only one WMC

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