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SeaClear Portable Crack Download For PC







SeaClear Portable Serial Key [Latest-2022]

SeaClear Portable Crack – GPS-Navigation for Windows. The interface is not a real MS Windows app. Real MS Windows apps are being stored on your computer file format.
Benefits of the app:
Comprehensive navigation software for determining waypoints and making routes
With the program you can plan your route to your destination
No installation necessary, it is Portable application with no registries changes
After installation user can access program from any location by double click on it
SeaClear Portable Free Download Download Support:
SeaClear Portable Download is available in two versions:
SeaClear Portable – Includes charts and files
SeaClear Portable – SeaChart and ShipChart – Includes charts, ship and map
SeaClear Portable Review User Ratings & Reviews:

If you are looking for a simple, well organized easy to use GPS navigator application that will help you navigate on the water I highly recommend SeaClear. I have been using SeaClear for 2+ years now and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend SeaClear.

I am extremely happy with SeaClear for Windows. I have not tested the SeaChart and ShipChart versions of this program.

This is an enhanced version of the Classic SeaChart app. It has much better technology.

Great navigational app for anyone who needs to plan sailing trips.
You can even create simple waypoints on the map from the home page. This is great if you need to add a point to the map for a place that has not yet been sailed to.

(The original SeaChart is not available for Windows 8 and above. It is the function of the software. Don’t let that discourage you from trying SeaClear. I have had no trouble running the newer version of SeaChart on my Surface Pro.

Create and save waypoints on the map. I have used this for a past trip where I plan to sail from point A to B without a detour. I want to be able to run it again at a later date to find the waypoint and add it to a map of another island in my yard.

This allows for the fastest route and the safest route. If you have taken a waterskiing tour, this would show you the way back. If you are a sailor, this is a must have app. Highly recommended.

What other people think

Could use a little bit of additional navigation aids

By Something

On September 5, 2016

Bought it, hoping it would take the

SeaClear Portable Crack+ X64 (Final 2022)

SeaClear Portable is a smart GPS chart creation software for sailors, boaters, fishermen, hikers and other people who want to plan their routes with the aid of charts displayed on a map. It is a free navigation tool for PC. It is free download and free of cost.
SeaClear Portable includes support for most navigation charts covering the world. It allows you to plan a route for one or more trips and navigate by sea. The software is able to calculate your position, speed, course and direction.
SeaClear Portable Key features:
• Plan and plot a route with multiple waypoints
• Navigate by sea using a chart map
• Mark your position with a symbol
• Export navigational charts to PDF
• Export or import routes
• Compile all your routes on disk
• Reverse a route and plan a new one
• Adjust the speed of your route
• Customize the settings
• Showing the speed vector as a shadow
• Keep your route unchanged
• Set the route for the next waypoint
• Show detailed data during the navigation
• Displays all available information during the route
• Isolate tracks
• Take notes about your route
• Locate the position of your route in the world
• Locate other GPS devices on your route
• Display the depth of the sea in meters
• Locate other GPS devices on your route
• Shows the distance in kilometers
• Keep all navigational data in one file
• Navigate on water with the distance to the sea floor
• Convert list data to a chart
• Display the distance to the next waypoint
• Convert list data to a chart
• Isolated tracks can be plotted on a chart
• Add your GPS coordinates on a chart
• Switch chart colors, shapes, sizes
• Save your navigational plan
• Export a navigational plan to text format
• Export your navigational plan to an image file
• Log your navigational plan to a text file
• Configure program settings
• Select the background color
• Select the path color
• Select the water depth color
• Select the course color
• Select the waypoint symbol
• Convert text data to navigational plan
• Convert text data to navigational plan
• Select the map resolution
• Set the line width
• Disable the zooming with the mouse wheel
• Select the radar rings
• Set the route display size
• Zoom in and out
• Change the units for depth display

SeaClear Portable Crack+ Incl Product Key Free Download For PC [Latest]

SeaClear Portable is designed for nautical navigation. In order to run it, a computer needs to have a GPS device connected. The application enables you to plan a voyage with as many wayspoints as you wish and save them to a text file. The map of the globe is displayed on the screen, with latitude and longitude of the destination, destination course and speed, and current position.

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Creative Wonders 6 – The Journey of Ideas

Creative Wonders 6 – The Journey of Ideas

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Creative Wonders 3: Space | Dtube

Creative Wonders 3: Space | Dtube

Creative Wonders 3: Space | Dtube

Creative Wonders 3: Space | Dtube
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What’s New in the?

SeaClear Portable is designed for nautical navigation, enabling you to plan a sea trip with multiple waypoints and create an itinerary, routes, charts, a logbook and a depth log. In order to run, the computer must have a GPS connected.
Portability advantages
As the name says, this is a portable tool, which means that no installation is necessary. It is suffice to extract the program files to any part on the hard disk and just click the executable to launch SeaClear Portable. Otherwise, you can save it to a pen drive to run in on any PC effortlessly. No modifications are made to the Windows registry, and the app does not create additional files on the disk without your permission.
Clear-cut interface
The GUI is user-friendly, made from a regular window with an outdated look. However, it is quite easy to navigate. The map pinpoints your position via GPS and shows your coordinates, enabling you to set the latitude and longitude of your destination, together with course and speed to make calculations.
Add waypoints to create routes and export charts
The chart can be exported to image files and reviewed later, the route can be exported, imported, reversed and set as the current one, while tracks can be saved to file and plotted to create routes. Book entries may also be logged and saved to text documents for closer examination. It is possible to zoom in and out of the map, as well as to add as many waypoints as needed.
Configure program settings
There are many customization preferences available. For example, you can select the boat color, shape, size and radar rings, disable zooming with the mouse wheel, change the default route speed and preload time for the next waypoint, set the route display size, line width and color (normal and selected), pick the measurement unit for depth display, and so on.
No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the application did not freeze or crash. It had minimal impact on system performance. Although it has not been updated for a while, SeaClear Portable provides users with the necessary tools for putting together routes for navigating by sea.

SeaClear Portable Description:

4.2SeaClear Portable

Compare SeaClear Portable to Similar Software

What is
SeaClear Portable compared to other similar software?

Software Description

SeaClear Portable is designed for nautical navigation, enabling you to plan a sea trip with multiple waypoints and create an itinerary,

System Requirements For SeaClear Portable:

PlayStation 4 (region free)
CPU: Intel Core i3 2nd Generation or equivalent
OS: OS X v10.10.5
HDD: 32 GB
Video: Intel HD 4000 or AMD GCN 1.0
Internet connection: Broadband Internet connection
Controller: Dual Shock 4 or Xbox 360 (controllers are not included)
Xbox 360 (region free)

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