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STOIK Imagic Crack Torrent [Latest]







STOIK Imagic

STOIK Imagic Cracked Accounts is a freeware image cataloging and management application that can automatically rotate, resize and enhance your photos. It has a wide array of effects that can be used to improve the look of your pictures, including the usual exposure and color correction. Additional features include sharpening, red-eye removal, chromatic aberration correction and many more.
Photo Editing Features:
• Picture editing options
• Retouch defects
• Increase/decrease sharpness
• Brightness/contrast adjustments
• Automatic exposure
• Automatic color correction
• Retouching
• Photostitcher
• Chromatic aberration correction
• Image rotations and auto crop
• GIF Animation creation
• Web albums
• Posting on Facebook and Flickr
• Email images (publication mode only)
• Geotagging
• Icon editing
• Support for dates and sizes
• Web browser window for catalog and image viewing
• Control parameters for each picture
• EXIF data extraction
• Open, save and send pictures as email attachments (publication mode only)
• Includes 5 different themes
• Image search
• Add Geo-tags
• File preview
• Thumbnails can be enlarged
• View the detailed information about each image
• File sorting
• Language: English
• English language (for users outside US)
• 46.36 MB

CamSoft Image Dialog Professional 2.0.2
CamSoft Image Dialog Professional is a professional tool for editing images by the touch of a finger. It can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, add text or blur effect to your pictures.
Key features:
• Edit your images with just a finger: Fast and easy image edditing. Just touch and use the most powerful features available. Every feature can be modified in 2 seconds.
• Fast: Camsoft Image Dialog is a fullfeatured editor and viewer. You can open more than 600 image types.
• Efficient: Camsoft Image Dialog is a professional and easy to use application that allows you to perform any intensive tasks with just the touch of a finger.
• Powerful: The most important feature of Camsoft Image Dialog is that you don’t need any special knowledge to edit your images. All the editing parameters are presented with values that you can modify with just the touch of a finger.
• Easy: Camsoft Image Dialog is designed to let you choose the image crop and rotate/scale that is

STOIK Imagic Crack + Full Product Key [2022-Latest]

STOIK Imagic Crack Free Download is a powerful media management application that allows you to view and manage all the images in your photo library and export them for online sharing. You can optimize the media content while viewing and browsing through all of your photos. Use STOIK Imagic to organize, rename and store pictures and upload them to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. Its innovative interface, intuitive navigation and well-organized features are very convenient. When you’re done viewing and editing the pictures, there are convenient options for exporting the media, like as Adobe® ACDSee® images or any other supported file formats.

User reviews

Latest reviews

Value for money


By Cr4v3Poppet

The application is very easy to use and very well balanced. I think the app also does a good job at not leaving you with an unmanageable collection of images.

Useful, if you need some help


By criollogarcia

I’d give this application 5 stars if I could do a manual copy from import. There is no easy way to do so, and this is the application’s #1 weakness.

Very good


By wwp

You have to learn to use it, but it gets you there.

Not bad


By PingThere

Works pretty well. All the options are there and just can’t do much with these functions. It’s certainly better than any stock photo app I’ve seen or used.



By lovetheu

I can’t find another application that can do so many things at once.

How to install?

Remove existing version

This can be found under the icons called “Uninstall/update” or “Options”. Usually, it is found in the folder /Applications/Applications Support, and you only have to go to that folder and search for the “Sugar” application that you want to remove.

Suggestions for improvement

This application could be better, but not with the release 1.0, cause it’s hard for the beginners to use, but after reading the help, I found an application on my system, called Tags for DiskAid ( The problem with that application is that it is not compatible with Windows Live Photo Gallery. In addition, it

STOIK Imagic Crack + With Product Key Free Download

This all-in-one software application provides you with all the tools you need to keep an eye on your picture collections, organize and catalog them. It also includes a slideshow maker, a web album creator, a geotagging option and a Facebook/Flickr uploader.

RealBasic is an Object Pascal (OOP) implementation of the BASIC programming language. When compared to other programming languages, it is relatively easy to learn and use. In addition, it is ideal for beginners since it comes with a rich set of objects and built-in functions that can be used in just a couple of minutes.

Easy to use, easy to install and free for users, it’s the perfect tool for novice and experienced users alike, with a fairly large install base and a plethora of interesting online communities and forums.

If you’re already familiar with Microsoft Office, and you’ve ever used a photo editing program like Photoshop, you’re already familiar with most of the features in PhotoFiltre Editor Standard. PhotoFiltre Standard is a powerful photo editing software, developed to make your pictures look more realistic and polished.

Palm Pre Photo 2 is a specialized photo editing software for the Palm Pre smartphone. It lets you manage and enhance your photos and send them directly to the phone. Compared to Palm Pre Photo 1, it also includes the ability to stitch photos together to form a high quality panorama or increase the quality of low resolution photos.

BusyConnect: The BusyConnect APP will make you start believing in telepathy. How often do we find ourselves thinking how much we really would like to know if somebody is thinking about us. Well, BusyConnect is a very simple and intuitive app that you can download right now! The main function of this App is to let you know when there is something that you are thinking about.

Tyfon Artist Importer is an easy-to-use image importer and Photoshop plugin that enables Photoshop users to import images into Photoshop without the need to convert the images first. You just simply connect to the program, select the images you wish to import, and the images will begin to importer automatically.

SuperBMP Edit for BMP Maker is an easy to use image editing program for Windows. You can easily edit BMP files right from the interface, resize, rotate, crop and add effects. It also has plenty of other image manipulation tools like picture restore, image alignment, image renaming

What’s New in the STOIK Imagic?

Multiple image cataloging and viewing utilities are available from the manufacturer of STOIK, a leading provider of multimedia recording and digital imaging applications. This package bundle comes with: Imagic Photo Viewer – a media viewer for digital images, video and audio files, allowing you to explore your media collection, sort it by date and type of media; Dark Room – a professional-level photo retouching and enhancement suite, used to correct flaws, correct color balance and add various enhancement techniques, retouch portraits, remove red-eye, etc.; and STOIK Photo Cleaner – a well-developed image processing utility, allowing you to rotate, resize and enhance your pictures, optimize printing quality, fix format or language problems, and add text, graphics and various other effects. A whole host of features are available to enhance your photos, including in-depth EXIF metadata editing, full-featured slideshow creation, sharing on the web, and easy email/Facebook attachment sending.

Show off the best of Nikon Digital Photography
Without a camera, you’re missing out on the best of Nikon Digital Photography. By using a computer with a network connection and plenty of memory, you can shoot and view amazing images and share them with others.
You can shoot great photographs with a digital camera and display them in your camera software or on a compatible web browser.
When you want to share your images with friends, family, and colleagues, you can show off their amazing photographs at the same time.
This guide tells you how to use your computer to edit and manage your photos and digital images, and how to get creative with them to create amazing photo montages or share your favorite memories with others.

Process and Correct Images
Most photos you take are stored in RAW format. Converting RAW images to TIF or JPEG may cause image quality to suffer and the color depth to be lowered.
The RAW Developer module of the well-known editing software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can process RAW images. RAW Developer allows you to develop RAW images into TIF images or to convert a TIF image into a RAW format.
In addition, RAW Developer can perform several creative effects and can also optimize the color by adjusting the color balance of the image. All of these functions can be performed even without a RAW camera.
You can then convert your TIF or RAW images to JPEG and JPG format. This allows you to create a smaller file that can be viewed on a web browser or loaded into a digital camera.
Print your images

System Requirements For STOIK Imagic:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual Core
Video: 1280×800 Resolution
Processor: 2.0Ghz Quad Core
Windows 7/8/8.1
1. Installed DirectX Version 9.0c
2. Windows Media Player 11

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