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Syslog Server Activation Code [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]







Syslog Server Crack + Registration Code (2022)

• Supports email alerts


• Includes macro record filters

• Supports real-time views of events and macros

• Includes filters for text and numbers

• Supports macros for regex expressions

• Logging is real-time, compressed by gzip, and saves in a shared folder

• Supports mail alerting to your email account

• Supports custom mails, customizable file and folder names

• Supports SSL encryption

• Supports scheduled events

• Supports logging events (messages only)

• Supports scheduled macro events

• Supports zone based event logging

• Supports server-based event logging

• Supports a dedicated log client application for remote viewing

• Supports port multiplexing

• Provides a full and informative GUI for remote viewing and administering the application

Syslog Server includes a simple text editor to change and create macros, and to extract data from the log file.

Syslog Server License:

Syslog Server is shareware. The free version of the application is available to download and enjoy. It is allowed to run on two computers only.

Syslog Server Download Screenshot:

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Syslog Server (LifeTime) Activation Code

Syslog Server Crack is a simple way to monitor network and server logs on your networked systems. Use it to send data to a central server where it can be easily viewed, queried, and formatted. Syslog Server can also be used to receive data in an easy to use GUI that will allow administrators to monitor and manage all of their servers in one place.
You can configure and manage your syslog server remotely, which can cut down on time and money spent on having to physically travel to servers to manage them.
Syslog Server Features:
* Uses Syslog standard for network log messages
* Supports all common Syslog versions and formats. (7,6,5)
* Supports RRD,FIFO and STDOUT sources
* Administrative interface allows you to set source filters, add new sources, remove or reorder sources, view log messages, view and edit log messages, view and filter messages
* Full module API allows you to create your own modules to filter and manipulate the data in the database
* User web interface allows you to view messages and configure filters from anywhere, even from a web browser
* Content Monitoring displays network and system activities in a clear graphic interface
* PHP-based tool to create in-house syslog servers and consumer based monitoring interfaces
* Supports SSL for user web and admin interfaces
* Reports generated from the database can be saved to PDF or HTML files and emailed
* Ability to link logger based messages to an external csv report file.
* Daily and hourly reports of log messages
* Filtered Db stats, total count of events, total count of lines, total count of bytes, time spent on each event, system availability and performance reports
* Ability to save the search filter to a file (do not include the timestamp)
* Log message count logs
* Ability to view log severity levels
* Allows for alerting notifications via email, IM, text message, twitter, webhook, Syslog over TCP or UDP
* Detailed configuration summary and log options
* Log message containing problem description, problem status, problem action and resolution.
* Ability to define a maximum message size in bytes
* Support for unix time stamp log format, which is the default standard log format.
Syslog Server Requirements:
* MySQL support for DB where logs are stored
* Python 2.6/2.7 support (2.7 is recommended)
* Optional ability to backup and restore the database

Syslog Server Crack + Download

What’s New In?

Syslog Server is a tool dedicated to network administrators, providing a robust server based on the Syslog standard, specialized in event logging. Its goal is to monitor devices and collect Syslog messages across the whole LAN infrastructure.
By default, the application uses the 514 port, starting the server and awaiting for receiving messages as soon as it is launched. Events can be viewed by the source host, severity or facility.
In the first case, messages are sorted by their origin, whereas the ‘Severity’ mode groups them by their importance and the effect they have on the system. The latter calssification method organizes messages based on their purpose (related to network management, security, mail system and so on). The filtering options assist you in finding the desired record.
Clicking on an event displays detailed information about it in the designated section of the GUI; you can view the receival time, the host name and IP address, the category and purpose, as well as the assigned urgency level.
Syslog Server can be configured to exclusively log events that have a certain priority. For instance, the logging threshold can be represented by alert messages, which require immediate attention. Furthermore, it allows you to set the time period messages are kept, depending on their severity category.
The application features email alerting, a setting that notifies you via email about newly received messages. Urgent matters that require immediate action can be handled with the help of macros (regex expressions).
Syslog Server helps you take control of your network, allowing you to view Syslog messages as they are transmitted and take immediate actions to fix critical errors and serious problems.
Syslog Server Requirements:
– Windows 2000 or higher
– Apache 2.0
– PHP 5.2
System Requirements:
– VMs should be configured to use at least the following languages: C#, C++, Java, PHP, Perl and Tcl.
For architecture-neutral VMs, we will use the C++ API language.
For AIX VMs, we will use the Java API language.
For Linux VMs, we will use the PHP API language.
For Windows VMs, we will use the PHP API language.
For Solaris VMs, we will use the Java API language.
For UNIX VMs, we will use the Tcl API language.
Syslog Server License:
Syslog Server is available under a GPL licensed Free software. Visit

System Requirements For Syslog Server:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista or Windows Server 2008 R2
CPU: 1GHz or faster dual-core processor
Memory: 512 MB or more
HDD: 30 MB free disk space
VGA: 1024×768 display or higher
How to Install:
Download the provided setup and run it.
Select language and region according to your needs.
Click Next.
Accept the terms and conditions by clicking Next.
Install the program and activate the product.

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